Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Dear lord...
How long have I been gone for? 1 year plus!!! O.O
Truthfully to tell, that time around I had no motivation whatsoever to continue writing ... It's not like everyone is watching isn't it?
Yet, today I somehow told myself that u can deny the possibility of "SOMEONE" that could be reading what i say right now, and would follow my "trials" n "tribulations" if I would just continue. so wth? Just go along...
Now based on that I know people would say that I am writing for the sake of getting followers... Well... there's that :p
But the main reason is that I feel it is time to get myself on to something that is routine to do again, not to say that my whole year before ain't...but to say that I got something else to do routinely apart from what I've been doing before... Basically start a slightly different life that way i was doing... sounds cluesless isn't it? Well it is... kinda...
anyways, this is what i put for my re-blog today... hopefully, i can contine...
Fingers- crossed!!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011



It's been just like about 2 days after my last post, and now I am posting again... About them still!!!


I'm just a freaking BIG BIG FAN of them, and it's been nearly a week since I got hold of their latest album (it leaked onto the net, and i got to dl it :p) . From then on, I just started to relieve their old songs at home and in the office, thru Youtube vids, musics, past albums, you name it...
And it is soooooo GOOD....

Take for example their midtempo ballad, Church of Your Heart... I loved this song cos the lyrics are so simple yet meaningful!!!!
Who could forget Joyride, Listen To your heart and It must have been love; unless YOU WERE BORN IN the 90s...
Others include Perfect Day (another fantastic underrated single), Milk and Toast And Honey, Fading Like A Flower, and many others that I could remember eversince I was young and the era was simple...

What I can say till now is that Roxette's lyrics from the beginning till now stays clean and simple. There's no dirty word or sexual word being used at all compared to the newer acts that appear nowadays...
So there... Take that BIEBER!!! Roxette's back to put u down!!!! :p

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remininscing Roxette's Roaring Hits

Yes, you got that right. ROXETTE.... Let me repeat it again.


And I so freaking heart this duo from Sweden, eversince hearing the first single Dressed For Success in the late 80s.
And why Roxette? It's plain simple: They rock my world off that time, and still does with those songs.
Roxette has been touted as the 2nd best Swedish delight (after ABBA) in the entertainment scene - (NO, U2 is from IRELAND, MLTR is from DENMARK =.=) till now, selling over 70 millon records with their 7 albums since the late 80s till early 2K.
At that moment, 2002 to be exact, the female singer of the duo; Marie Frederiksson was diagnosed with brain tumor, and that condition on average gave the patient 5% living rate... Woe to all Roxette fans then (including moi) that we will never see them anymore :(

And yet, Marie survived through the condition and even came back to tour with Per Gessle (the guy) in 2009!!! What a relieve it was for us to hear that they were up and well.
Now in their 50s, Roxette just came back into the entertainment scene this year with their 8th album, entitled CHARM SCHOOL.

Now, why am I sooooo enthusiastic about it?
Firstly, it's their latest album since their last album Room Service, which was nearly a decade ago, and this album contains all new materials, not a best of album.
Secondly, Roxette to me is a pop duo/band/group that is different from others in this era of music now. Now, all we hear are usually aggressive hip hop (Eminem, Lil Wayne), dance hop (Will.I.Am, Usher), dance (Cicada, FEM, etc) dance pop (J Lo, Britney, Gaga) and rock pop (maroon 5, Linkin Park). Even pop is now defined by the very teeny boppy lyrics of Bieber, Joneses and Swifts (not to mention Cyrus)which to me, is either about teenage love or teenage heartbreak... sure it hits right with the pre teens or teens (or even 20s in this country =.=') but the lyrics are just that... It doesn't seem to make much sense.

Roxette on the other hand crafts their songs perfectly with subtle stories within thier songs, be it catchy (Joyride, How do you do) or ballads (queen of rain, listen to your heart). Heck even if they don make up stories, the lyrics just brightens up your day with its simplicity!!! (June afternoon, Real sugar)
And Charm School doesn't fail here. All their 12 songs are full of catchy choruses (check out their Way Out and Big Black Cadillac :p) and perfect sync of melodies (their ballads - Speak to me, No One makes it on their own, Sitting on top of the world). It will keep you humming, if you can't sing well :p to it!!!

But less talk, listen to their latest here, and get the album!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New year, new problems...

It's been such a long time since I last update this blog; eversince last year.
Now that the year is new, it's something new to talk about.


I am starting the new year, and the first blog in AGES is a complain... =.=


Friday, April 23, 2010

cute song, funny video

Nuff said actually...

This was a video which I managed to see halfway before I went to work a few days ago. The video gave me an impression to the point that I ave to put it here :p

The song is nice, actually - An indie song sang by an indie band in U.S. - I think they won't stay indie too long since they are getting quite some airplay around with the new album called Contra. The first single was Cousin and this sencond single is calle Giving Up The Gun...
Watch the video, it'll surprise you :)

Hint: There are 5 'guests' in the video :p

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Found this video as I was browsing thru Boyzone and some other 90s group videos.

It was apparently a video in 2008, that was released only in UK, wasn't released in Asia...

have to go to the URL, since it wasn't embedded.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Exams are in the air, with the kids going for their "FIRST FORMAL COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS" - such an exam are usually the worry of many a lecturers, including MOI. Why? Their results kind of portrays what lecturer been teaching. good results - good lecturer, bad results? O.o

It's also where I am slightly free, as I do not have classes. Alas, the free time is taken over by the INVIGILATIONS I have to do instead... Aiyo... And other admin works... I don even have the time to so call update my other blogs too, including the work blog. =.=

This is where daydreams are kinda cool, at least u can take a bit of time "imagining happy things" for a moment to yourself, before the reality of the day comes crashing in again.

Which entails me to say some things:

1. OWLCITY is kinda alright as an entertainer. His songs are surprisingly DREAMY and sometimes sweet. Don expect any complex rythm or anything though. The melody is so simple u'd think it was an 80s song. So far 2 singles came out, namely Fireflies and Vanilly Sky. Ain't too bad videos too. Latest single is know as early birdie...

2. Some upcoming movies that I watched its trailers are kinda exciting. These included the new version of Nightmare on Elm Street and Predator.

3. TRON!!!!! HARRY!!!!

4. Night Horrors books from White Wolf Publishers are oh so good :)
- got one already about 2 months ago, titled Immortal sinners. The vampire details of the characters are so fleshed out nicely. Wanted to buy others too... Including Wolfsbane (on werewolves) and Grim Fears ( on Changelings)
- ended up managing to order another 2 others, Dead something (vamps again) and Unbidden (mage :P)... Will hope to get it by MAY :)